About Us

Captiva Spirits – What is Captiva Spirits?

It’s a great pleasure to introduce you to world’s first Key Lime Honey Vodka! Started in 2021, we set out to create Florida’s Formula for Vodka using the best ingredients from our great state. We use organic corn, key limes and raw honey and purify our spirit 48 times through microfiltration. We believe you will find our product to be superior in every way to other brands.

100% Gluten free, flavored naturally with raw honey and key limes, Captiva Spirits is unique to the industry. Distilled in Southwest Florida our spirit is distinctive in golden color and smooth in taste. It pairs well with both bar and culinary delights. In fact, it won several awards for flavor!

We are dedicated to create a superior product that stand alone in the marketplace. Our diligence in our craft of premium spirits is done with the combination of hand selected ingredients and made in small batches. You will never find artificial flavors or ingredients in our products.

Each creation by the company is made with the intent to provide superior, unique items, provide local jobs to distillers, farmers, distributors and retail venues. A portion of every bottle sold is donated to local environmental organizations. Our products are now distributed to over 31 states! Thank you for your support.