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Captiva Spirits – What is Captiva Spirits? Captiva Spirits’ Key Lime Honey Vodka is Florida’s Formula for Vodka!

Captiva Spirits has taken the alcohol industry by storm with the introduction of our Key Lime Honey Vodka, a unique product that is changing the game for those seeking an alternative to traditional spirits! Our award winning, innovative vodka is not only gluten-free and sugar-free but is also made with organic corn mash, setting a new standard for quality and health-consciousness in the alcohol industry.

In a market saturated with traditional vodka options, Captiva Spirits has carved out a niche by prioritizing the health and dietary needs of consumers. The Key Lime Honey Vodka is a testament to our commitment to creating a product that not only tastes great but also meets the demands of a more health-conscious customer base.

The gluten-free and sugar-free properties of our vodka make it a game-changer for individuals with dietary restrictions or those seeking a lighter, cleaner drinking experience. By using organic corn mash as the base, Captiva Spirits caterers to a growing demand for earth conscious products but has also ensured a superior, high-quality taste that sets our award winning vodka apart from the competition.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Captiva Spirits’ Key Lime Honey Vodka is our use of natural Florida flavorings. The infusion of key lime and raw honey creates a refreshing and distinctive taste profile that sets our vodka apart from the rest. The marriage of these natural flavors with the purity of the organic corn mash creates a vodka that is not only guilt-free but also a culinary delight.

Captiva Spirits was created for consumers who are seeking more health-conscious and environmentally friendly alcohol options. By prioritizing organic ingredients and avoiding the use of gluten and sugar, our company has a deep understanding of consumer trends and needs. Our forward-thinking approach has positioned Captiva Spirits as a leader in creating a more inclusive and mindful drinking experience.

We are dedicated to create a superior product that stand alone in the marketplace. Our diligence in our craft of premium spirits is done with the combination of hand selected ingredients and made in small batches. You will never find artificial flavors or ingredients in our products. Distilled in Fort Myers, Florida at List Distillery, our spirit is distinctive in golden color and smooth in taste. It pairs well with both bar and culinary delights.

Each creation by the company is made with the intent to provide local jobs to distillers, farmers, distributors and retail venues. A portion of every bottle sold is donated to local environmental organizations. Our product sold is now available at hundreds of bars, restaurants, liquor stores and distributed to over 34 states! Thank you for your support.