Hidden on the Southwest Florida Coast is a magical island  where flowers bloom all year long, shells cover white sandy beaches and natural beauty is at every turn. At Captiva Spirits, we took this lifestyle and poured our heart and soul into creating superior products. Sit back, relax and share a bit of sunshine in a bottle with your friends and family. Wonderfully Smooth, Naturally Florida…

Captiva Spirits is the 2022 SIP AWARDS Gold Medal Winner for International Consumers Tasting!

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Captiva Spirits – What is Captiva Spirits Key Lime Honey Vodka? We are Florida’s Award Winning Formula for Vodka! Launched in 2021, we set out to create the world’s first Key Lime Honey Spirit with outstanding results.


Captiva Spirits Key Lime Honey Vodka is a 70 proof super-premium vodka handcrafted in Fort Myers, Florida. We combined the natural infusions from the finest key limes, raw honey and pure water to create a wonderfully smooth naturally flavored Vodka. The result is a one of a kind brew that provides a balanced, full of character beverage. We filter our spirit 48 times to perfection.


Captiva Spirits Key Lime Vodka is produced in small batches at List Distillery. It takes hundreds of key limes and raw honey is collected from bee hives across Southwest Florida to create our product. It is certified gluten free and there is nothing added beyond the pure spirits and the natural infusions of raw honey and key limes all Florida sourced and grown.


We believe that being a Floridian comes with an obligation to protect our natural environment. That is why we give back a portion of our proceeds from each bottle to various organizations that promote saving, protecting and maintaining wildlife habitats. Please follow us online for updates on how your purchase made a difference.



Sweet soft honey aroma with subtle hints of fragrant Florida key limes.


The first sip coats your mouth with a subtle sweetness followed by a hints of orange blossom honey which leads to a a burst of fresh key lime.


A delicious melding of subtle sweetness and citrus followed by a soft balanced finish.

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We give a portion of our sales to environmental projects and organizations. We thank you for your purchase!

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